CV Reviews & Mentoring Requests

There are many factors that will contribute to the success of your clinical pharmacology career, including your own commitment to excellence and finding the right opportunities. No matter what stage of career you are in, why not enhance your potential for achievement by taking advantage of an ACCP Mentor to provide guidance and answer your questions?

The Mentoring Program at ACCP includes two options:

CV Review

The first is a short-term relationship for a review of your CV to offer suggestions that will enhance your CV to include pertinent information that hiring managers are looking for and increase your likelihood of success in your job search. This opportunity grew from an offering at the ACCP Annual Meeting to a year-round offering and has become a critical element of moving on to the next phase of your career. Colleagues who have taken advantage of a CV review have overwhelmingly found it to be a positive experience and important in making the right statement when looking for your next opportunity. Send your CV now to [email protected] and help us by sharing what you hope to achieve through the review and what your plans are for the next step in your career.

Mentor-Mentee Match

The second opportunity is to seek an ACCP Mentor with whom you will develop a longer-term relationship to help you focus your efforts, make suggestions for the acquisition of additional skill sets and expertise, guide you on your career path and answer questions to aid you in career-based decisions. As with CV review, this began as an offering to young colleagues and has evolved into something utilized by colleagues at all stages of their careers. In requesting a Mentor, please provide information as to why you are seeking a mentor and feel free to recommend a Mentor from the online list ACCP provides. Please complete the Mentoring Request Form and submit it. The ACCP Mentoring Program Liaison will be in touch with you shortly to facilitate a match with an appropriate Mentor. The frequency of contact is ultimately up to the Mentor and Mentee. The match is intended to last for one year, but Mentors and Mentees are encouraged to continue communication, if desired.

Still unsure how the ACCP Mentoring Program works? We’ve provided additional guidance on what you need to consider to ensure a successful Mentor-Mentee relationship.

Contact ACCP now to request a Mentor for the guidance to set you on the path to a successful clinical pharmacology career! 

Mentoring in either of the above is available to all ACCP Members, regardless of career level.       

  • Students & Trainees (undergrad, graduate, post-doc) 
  • Early-stage Professionals
    • Industry/Regulatory Track (Pharmaceutical industry, consulting, or regulatory agency) - First 10 years post-training
    • Academic Research Track (University, Research Institute, Government research organization) - First 10 years post-training or until tenure, whichever comes first
  • Mid to Late-stage Professionals
    • Industry/Regulatory Track (Pharmaceutical industry, consulting, or regulatory agency) - More than 10 years in full-time professional career
    • Academic Research Track (University, Research Institute, Government research organization) - More than 10 years in full-time professional career

As a follow-up to your Mentoring experience, we will ask you to complete a brief survey to help us understand how to improve the program.

Thank you.

ACCP Member Testimonials

"Mentors are a key determinant to the career trajectory of every young professional. The value of a relationship with someone who has achieved great success in the field you are pursuing cannot be overstated. In participating in the ACCP Mentoring Program, my Mentor’s wisdom, experience and perspective have become invaluable assets to my education and career planning. I would implore ambitious students to take advantage of the Mentoring Program offered by ACCP."

- Tyler Dunlap, BS, PharmD Candidate, Univ of Missouri Kansas City School of Pharmacy

"I joined the ACCP Mentoring Program towards the end of my graduate program, just as I was beginning to search for a full-time job. The program is tailored to match you up with someone based on your current professional needs, and I believe ACCP did a great job finding exactly the kind of Mentor I was looking for! It was beyond helpful for me to get perspectives from an established clinical pharmacologist and pharmacometrician in the industry, ahead of my own interviews. In fact, looking back, I only wish that I had signed up for this program sooner so that I could have this support even earlier in my graduate career."

- Nithya Srinivas, PhD, Senior Research Investigator, Clinical Pharmacokinetics, Incyte

"I have participated in the Mentoring Program at the American College of Clinical Pharmacology® since 2016 and I have had nothing but positive experiences with it. I have been so fortunate to work with two Mentors, both from industry, and gained network and skillsets pertinent to a career in clinical pharmacology. I wish I could give back to this program upon my graduation by serving as a Mentor to other Trainees."

- J. Daisy Zhu, PharmD, PhD Candidate, UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy, Univ of North Carolina at Chapel Hill