Excellence in Achievement Program

The ACCP “Excellence in Achievement” Program serves to acknowledge ACCP Members whose engagement with ACCP events/committees and contributions to the society are deserving of recognition. 

Engagement with ACCP is a critical component of the program. Examples of engagement include the following activities:
  • Active participation in an ACCP Committee
  • Serving on the Editorial Boards of the JCP or CPDD
  • Serving as an ACCP Annual Meeting Faculty
  • Submitting an Abstract for the ACCP Annual Meeting
  • Submitting a Proposal for an ACCP educational event
  • ACCP educational event attendance
  • Number of years of ACCP membership
  • CE obtained through ACCP (monitored by ACCP Staff)
  • Open/click through activity on ACCP communications (monitored by ACCP Staff)
Nominations for the ACCP “Excellence in Achievement” Program may be made by any current Member of ACCP by submitting the nomination to [email protected]. Each nomination must include:
  • Full name of nominee
  • Institution where nominee is employed or attending school
  • Complete information on the details of the nominee’s engagement with ACCP
  • Name and contact information of the person submitting the nomination

Please note: Once an individual has been recognized in the program, they cannot be nominated a second time.

All information will be verified by ACCP Staff before the nomination is submitted to the Membership Committee for peer review. Nominations will be peer reviewed and approved by the ACCP Membership Committee and those nominees selected by the committee will be recognized through the ACCP “Excellence in Achievement” Program. 

We welcome your nomination and look forward to receiving it.

Thank you to our current ACCP "Excellence in Achievement" recipient.