ACCP "Excellence in Achievement" 

The ACCP "Excellence in Achievement" Program serves to acknowledge ACCP Members whose engagement with ACCP events/committees and contributions to the organization are deserving of recognition.

The ACCP “Excellence in Achievement” Program is pleased to recognize Mirshad PV, PhD, Associate Professor in the Dept of Pharmacology at MES Medical Coll in India. Dr. PV joined ACCP in 2019 and has been an active member of the Education Committee since joining the society. He was also a member of the ISoP/ACCP Clinical Pharmacometrics Special Interest Group from 2021 to 2022. In addition, Dr. PV has reviewed and moderated several ACCP webinars as a member of the Education Committee and has been an attendee of multiple ACCP webinars as well.
He began his professional career in the Dept of Pharmacology, MES Medical Coll, Perinthalmanna, Kerala, India as a Tutor in 2006 and then became an Assistant Professor in 2009. Dr. PV received his PhD from Meenakshi Univ in Chennai, India in 2018 and was then promoted in 2019 to his current position as an Associate Professor at the MES Medical Coll. During his career, Dr. PV acquired extensive experience in pharmacogenomics, Vitamin D research and medical ethics in addition to experience in preclinical studies and experimental animal handling. He has been an invited resource person for various academic programs and has published more than 30 original research papers.

Dr. PV shared his thoughts on what ACCP membership means to him:
“Membership in the ACCP is one of the turning points in my professional career. For me, ACCP is a scientific community of integrity and transparency that offers equal support and opportunities to interact, learn and advance in scientific careers and to promote clinical pharmacology in research, academics, drug development and patient care. The opportunity to network and interact with distinguished colleagues in different areas and get expertise is a real opportunity as far as I am concerned. The society offers a platform to exchange ideas and build interdisciplinary approaches to achieve professional goals. I believe that ACCP is a strong platform to ensure lifelong learning in clinical pharmacology and interact with subject experts from academia, industry and research. I look forward to having an association with many more people and getting to know the subject from stalwarts of clinical pharmacology.”
Congratulations, Dr. PV, on being recognized for your outstanding achievements and contributions to ACCP!