ACCP is truly a warm and welcoming society that provides opportunities for all Members to get involved. The governing Board of Regents is elected by the ACCP membership and diligently serves the membership in meeting organizational goals. ACCP maintains high financial standards and strives to maintain a reasonable cost of membership and Annual Meeting registration year-over-year, effectively serving the clinical pharmacology community by making it economical to become a Member and attend the meeting. ACCP actively encourages Members to volunteer for committees, publish an article in The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology or Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development, participate as a Mentor or Mentee in ACCP's Mentoring Program or serve as a Moderator or Faculty Speaker for a Live or On Demand webinar. In addition to providing high-quality live and On Demand educational courses, ACCP continues to maintain its ACCME & ACPE accreditation and proudly provides CME & CPE credits.

ACCP offers numerous opportunities for all Members to engage in ways to fulfill personal goals and enhance professional growth while we work together to achieve organizational goals. If you have questions regarding involvement in the society please contact [email protected].

To learn more about ACCP Member Benefits and how you can leverage them throughout your career please view this webinar. The Faculty Speakers have been selected to represent viewpoints from early, mid and senior-level career stage to illustrate how the society provides a unique and valuable opportunity to enhance your professional growth.

ACCP Member Testimonial

I am delighted to express my gratitude and appreciation for the invaluable experiences and opportunities I have gained through my (Student-)membership with ACCP. As someone who recently transitioned from Student to Early-stage Professional, I have witnessed firsthand the dedication of this society to supporting future generations of scientists and leaders in the world of clinical pharmacology. Mentoring opportunities, the ACCP Leadership Development Program and Student Abstract recognitions are only a few of the plentiful benefits that helped me progress in my early career.

You can only get so far by yourself - the reality is that professional progression and opportunities are driven by the relationships you build. Engaging with fellow members has not only broadened my perspective but has also led to lasting professional relationships. The insightful Annual Meetings and Workshops organized by ACCP have not only enriched my knowledge but have also empowered me to contribute meaningfully to the advancement in our field.

I wholeheartedly endorse ACCP for the cultivation of a vibrant professional community. Being part of this esteemed society has undoubtedly been a cornerstone of my growth, and I look forward to many more years of collaboration and mutual success.

- Simon M Berger, RPh, PhD, Clinical Pharmacologist II, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc.

ACCP has several categories of membership, please join using the membership category that is most appropriate for you. Please note that Student Member category includes trainees, residents and postdoctoral fellows. Before you create a profile, please note if any of the following pertains to you and contact [email protected] for existing profile and login information: 

  • Have been a Member of ACCP in the past;
  • Have attended an ACCP Annual Meeting;
  • Presented a Poster at an ACCP Annual Meeting;
  • Participated as a Faculty Speaker at an ACCP Annual Meeting.   

Please noteA membership application is not considered complete until all required documents have been submitted and acknowledged by the ACCP Executive Office and dues have been paid. All applications must be submitted in full 45 days before the Board of Regents Meetings, the dates of which are noted below:



  • September 7, 2024


  • February 2, 2025
  • May 4, 2025
  • September 13, 2025

We invite you to consider volunteering for one of ACCP’s Committees and to stay on top of ACCP’s activities and information from the global clinical pharmacology community by following us on  LinkedIn icon  and downloading the ACCP365 Mobile App.


Renewing a Lapsed Membership

ACCP Dues are paid on a calendar year basis from Jan 1st - Dec 31stPersons renewing a lapsed membership are not eligible for the half-year dues rate. When you renew a membership from Jan 1st - July 31st of any given year, you are paying for that calendar year. Dues paid after July 31st are applied to the following year. An invoice must be created for a Lapsed Member wishing to renew their membership. To receive an invoice for membership renewal please contact [email protected]. Invoices are distributed Monday - Friday.

To Join ACCP as a First-time Member

Complete/Update a Profile, including the information on the Demographics tab, and upload your CV. Dues fees for Member are $250 per calendar year. Please Note: For New Members joining for the first time only between May 1 – July 31, dues are $125.00 for half-year (May – December) for the year you join only. By joining after July 31st of any year, your $250 dues are good through December 31st of the following year. Future years will be at the regular rate of $250 per calendar year. Lapsed Members wishing to reinstate their memberships should contact [email protected].

To Join ACCP as a First-time Student Member

This class of membership is designed for persons pursuing a bachelors, predoctoral or doctoral degree or postdoctoral or resident training in the sciences and who have an interest in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. Candidates should include in their CV information regarding their status as a Student or Trainee, which is subject to verification to qualify for this membership category. Complete/Update a Profile, including the information on the Demographics tab, and upload your CVDues fees for Student Member are $55 per calendar year. Please Note: For New Student Members joining for the first time only between May 1 – July 31, dues are $27.50 for half-year (May – December) for the year you join only. By joining after July 31st of any year, your $55 dues are good through December 31st of the following year. Future years will be at the regular rate of $55 per calendar year. Lapsed Members wishing to reinstate their memberships should contact [email protected].

Persons interested in becoming a Fellow must have been a full Member of ACCP for five full years. Eligible candidates should review the requirements, assess your skills and experience against the requirements

Facilitating Membership in Developing Countries

In accordance with the globalization of health education and research, e.g., through world health programs such as the Health InterNetwork, there is an ongoing effort to improve worldwide access to health information of high quality. ACCP enjoys collegial ties within the global clinical pharmacology community and proudly boasts a substantial number of international members, including colleagues from developing countries who take advantage of ACCP's relevant educational programs and publications. A dues structure has been established for Members from developing countries categorized as low income or lower middle income by the World Bank and those fees are adjusted according to current economic conditions that are updated annually by the World Bank. This fee structure is economically feasible for ACCP by using electronic communications and documents, which are accessed by members in developing countries via the Members-only area of the College's website. Qualifications and requirements for membership can be found in the application materials. For those of you with qualified colleagues working in countries with developing economies, you can help advance the international clinical pharmacology community by promoting membership in ACCP.

Dues for Developing Countries