ACCP Membership Categories

Please note: A membership application is not considered complete until all required documents have been submitted and acknowledged by the ACCP Executive Office. All applications must be submitted in full 30 days before the Board of Regents Meetings, the dates of which are noted below: 


  • May 5, 2024
  • September 7, 2024

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A Member of ACCP is a healthcare professional with the following:

  • An earned Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degree in any healthcare profession or in any one of the biomedical or pharmaceutical sciences, or the equivalent;
  • Evidence of substantial activity in teaching, research or patient care, with a continuing interest in clinical pharmacology.
Annual Dues for a Member are $250, which includes all Member Benefits

Please Note:
For New Members joining between May 1 – July 31, dues are $125.00 for half-year (May – December) for the year you join only. By joining after July 31st of any year, your $250 dues are good through December 31st of the following year. Future years will be at the regular rate of $250  per calendar year.

Complete/Update a Profile, including the information on the Demographics tab, and upload your CV.

Student Members:

Student Members are those who are:

  • This class of membership is designed for persons pursuing a bachelors, predoctoral or doctoral degree or postdoctoral or resident training in the sciences and who have an interest in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics;
  • Candidates for this class of membership should include their CV information regarding their status as a Student or Trainee, which is subject to verification to qualify for this membership category.

Annual Dues for a Student Member are $55. For New Student Members joining between May 1 - July 31, dues are $27.50 for half-year (May - December) for the year you join only. Future years will be at the regular rate of $55 per calendar year.

Please Note:  Student Members shall have no voting privileges and eligibility for this category of membership shall end the year that the intended degree is obtained.

Complete/Update a Profile, including the information on the Demographics tab, and upload your CV and some form of Student Verification.


A Fellow is the highest category of membership granted by ACCP and, as such, is awarded to those with exemplary credentials and dedication to the betterment of the discipline. Persons interested in becoming a Fellow should join as a Member and notify [email protected] about their interest in becoming a Fellow.

Fellows who wish to reinstate membership after failure to pay dues for a period of three (3) years or more shall be required to reinstate as a Member and reapply for Fellow in the credentials period following approval as a Reinstated Member. The application for Fellow must include all requirements for Fellowship as noted below. Any questions may be address to [email protected] .

 Requirements for Fellowship are as follows:

  • At least five (5) years beyond completion of an earned terminal degree (PharmD, PhD, MD, MBBS, Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant), or ten (10) years beyond a collegiate degree (BA, BS, MA, MS), with experience/sustained contributions in any of the healthcare professions or any biomedical or pharmaceutical sciences related to the discipline of clinical pharmacology;
  • A minimum of five (5) years, including three (3) consecutive years leading up to the application, as an actively participating full Member of ACCP (years as Student Member not applicable);
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation from current ACCP Fellows;
  • Evidence of meritorious work which is acceptable to the Credentials Committee and the Board of Regents, including at least two (2) criteria from the following list:
  • Any combination of five (5) of the following in the past seven (7) years:
    • 1) publications in peer-reviewed journals,
    • 2) serving as a speaker in a scientific conference presentation or as an invited speaker for an educational scientific presentation at a national or international level, and/or
    • 3) patents. (Presentation of scientific posters and commercial and/or nonscientific presentations are not considered.);
  • Receipt of national or international recognition or awards in clinical pharmacology or related fields, excluding trainee awards (applicant must describe how the award(s) reflect meritorious work);
  • Receipt of high-level corporate/governmental awards for sustained contributions in the field of clinical pharmacology or related fields, excluding trainee awards (applicant must describe how the award(s) reflect meritorious work);
  • Board certification from the American Board of Clinical Pharmacology and/or Certification by the Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties;
  • Minimum of five (5) years of sustained, verifiable contribution as an Editor, an Editorial Board member or a Reviewer of a peer-reviewed, professional journal indexed by the National Library of Medicine that includes substantial content relevant to clinical pharmacology;
  • For non-academic colleagues, productivity in an adjunct research or teaching position contributing to education focused on a discipline of clinical pharmacology for at least five (5) years; or
  • For academic colleagues, exceptional curricular development initiatives that advance teaching and learning in clinical pharmacology.

Annual Dues for a Fellow are $325, which includes all Member Benefits.

Retired Members:

The Retired Member category is available to those who have reached the age of 70 or will enter full retirement on or before January of the calendar dues year. Retired Members shall have no voting rights nor may they hold office, but shall otherwise receive full Member Benefits. Annual Dues for a Retired Member are $80.

Emeritus Members or Fellows:

Any Member or Fellow in good standing who has maintained 15 cumulative years of membership at the specific membership category with five of those years being continuous active engagement immediately prior to application for Emeritus, and who has reached the age of at least 65 may, upon request and following the approval of the Board of Regents, be relieved from the annual dues assessment while retaining the privileges of membership, with the exception of holding office.

Facilitating Membership in Developing Countries

In accordance with the globalization of health education and research, e.g., through world health programs such as the Health InterNetwork, there is an ongoing effort to improve worldwide access to health information of high quality. ACCP enjoys collegial ties within the global clinical pharmacology community and proudly boasts a substantial number of international members, including colleagues from developing countries who take advantage of ACCP's relevant educational programs and publications. A dues structure has been established for Members from developing countries categorized as low income or lower middle income by the World Bank and those fees are adjusted according to current economic conditions that are updated annually by the World Bank. This fee structure is economically feasible for ACCP by using electronic communications and documents, which are accessed by members in developing countries via the Members-only area of the College's website. Qualifications and requirements for membership can be found in the application materials. For those of you with qualified colleagues working in countries with developing economies, you can help advance the international clinical pharmacology community by promoting membership in ACCP.

Dues for Developing Countries