ACCP Honors & Awards Nominations Process

ACCP cordially invites nominations from ACCP Members for all awards, except the McKeen Cattell Award. Nominations for the McKeen Cattell Award are determined by the Editorial Board of The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and the Honors & Awards Committee. Based upon nominations received from the membership ACCP's Honors & Awards Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Regents for each award.

Awards recipients receive a trophy and payment of expenses based on a budget provided by ACCP for each award winner incurred in connection with attendance at the awards ceremony during the Annual Meeting. In addition, the Tanabe Young Investigator and McKeen Cattell Memorial Awards each carry $1,000 honoraria. Each awardee is expected to give a presentation at the Annual Meeting on a subject related to the basis for the award and to submit a short manuscript based on the talk, as suitable for publication in The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. These talks may be in the form of a formal PowerPoint presentation at the podium or as an interview about significant career achievements.

Nominator Responsibilities & Materials Needed:

  • Confirm that the proposed nominee is interested in being nominated for the award.
  • Obtain the Nominee's most current CV.
  • Compose a detailed letter outlining the individual's qualifications, achievements and accomplishments specific to the award for which you are nominating him/her.
  • Additionally, you may submit up to three (3) letters of support from different individuals who can speak to your nominee’s qualifications and provide specific examples of their contributions as they relate to the specific award for which he/she is nominated.
  • All nominations must be made through the submission system. Nominations sent via email to ACCP Staff will not be considered.

Please note: The nominator’s letter and a limit of three support letters per nomination will be reviewed by the committee. Submission of more than three support letters for any given nomination will result in those additional letters being archived, but not considered by the committee.

Nominee Eligibility Exclusions:

  • In order to avoid any conflict of interest and to be fully transparent, no member of the ACCP Executive Committee and ACCP Board of Regents is eligible for nomination for an award until at least one full year after completion of his/her term. Please consult ACCP Staff to confirm a nominee for whom this is in question.
  • Anyone actively serving on the Honors & Awards Committee is not eligible to be nominated and receive an award.


See sample letter 1

See sample letter 2


All nominations should be sent by November 30th to

Prior Award Winners