Annual Meeting Events for Students, Trainees & Early-stage Professionals

Student, Trainee & Early-stage Professional (STEP & ESP) membership and participation in ACCP’s Annual Meeting are strongly encouraged and are beneficial on several levels:

  • Mentoring, networking and expert career guidance
  • Student, Trainee & Early-stage Professional-specific events at the Annual Meeting
  • ACCP Student & Trainee and Early-stage Professionals Abstract Awards Programs
  • Substantially-discounted registration fees for educational programs

Learn How to Make the Most of Your Participation in the Meeting
In advance of the meeting, STEP & ESP Attendees will be invited to attend a webinar on how to make the most of their time and the opportunities presented at the meeting. Don’t miss the chance to virtually meet peers before arriving at the meeting and learn about key events!          
Early-stage Professional (ESP) Ambassadors 
Students & Trainees will be given the option of being partnered with an Early-stage Professional (ESP) Ambassador that will contact you in advance of the meeting to answer questions and share information about what to expect of the meeting. The ESP Ambassador will also serve as your guide at the meeting, answer questions and help you network throughout the events. 

Check in at the ACCP Registration Desk upon arrival and meet the ACCP Staff while you pick up your meeting materials. STEP & ESP Attendees will be identified with ribbons on their badges

Pre-meeting Workshop: Physiologically-based Pharmacokinetic Analyses: A Workshop on Practical Applications in Clinical Drug Development
This full-day workshop will be held on Saturday and will be valuable for beginner to intermediate level PBPK users, and those seeking updated information on current topics in PBPK modeling.

Physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling and simulation is a computer modeling approach that is widely used throughout clinical drug development to describe the PK properties of a drug and to assess intrinsic and extrinsic factors that may impact a drug’s PK properties. This full-day Workshop will focus on the current scientific aspects and considerations to apply PBPK modeling in clinical drug development, including advances in the software utilized for this type of modeling. Attendees will learn how PBPK modeling can be used to facilitate decision making and inform more efficient clinical study design. It offers attendees the opportunity to learn through real-world case examples of direct application of PBPK modeling in drug development, as well as active hands-on learning to run PBPK models. In addition, regulatory perspectives on the use of PBPK modeling to support new drug applications will be presented and discussed.

Join us Saturday evening for the PharmaFete to celebrate the start of the meeting and enjoy the chance to socialize, connect with friends and meet ACCP Members and Annual Meeting Attendees with whom you will share experiences over the next three days.

STEP & ESP Morning Gatherings
The group is encouraged to meet each morning for breakfast create a sense of community and provide opportunities to network and share your experiences at the meeting. Each morning will have a theme to help you get the most out of the meeting. When you are up and going for the morning, grab some breakfast and join us to get this extra benefit of the meeting.

STEP & ESP Panel Discussion
This event will be invaluable for STEP & ESP colleagues. We strongly encourage you to join us and hear senior colleagues share their experience and guidance. 

STEP & ESP Networking Event
Starting with a fun ice breaker and moving on to roundtable discussions in small groups with senior ACCP Leaders. In August, Attendees will be asked to sign up for topics of interest to optimize the experience.

  • Come prepared with questions important to your career;
  • Hear about career options available to clinical pharmacology professionals;
  • Understand how decisions affect your career path and how to navigate unexpected opportunities;
  • Continue to develop your network with experienced professionals;
  • Learn how ACCP can help you build your career in clinical pharmacology.

Stay around for the group picture at the end of the Networking Session.

Poster Walks

In August, we’ll contact you to sign up for Poster Walks with a senior representative from ACCP Leadership who will host a small group of STEP & ESP colleagues through a selection of outstanding Posters, fostering scientific questions and conversation.   

Podium Presentations

A select number of Student Abstract and Early-stage Professional Award Winners will have the honor of providing Podium Presentations on Sunday during the Networking Session. Join us to support your colleagues and hear about the research projects that led to their awards.