Retrospective Interviews

Oliver Grundmann, PhD, MS, MEd

This month’s Retrospective Interview focuses on Oliver Grundmann, PhD, MS, MEd. Dr. Grundmann is currently an active member of the ACCP Student, Trainee & Young Professional (STYP) Committee and is a past member of the Digital Learning Committee. In 2007, he received his PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences and his Master of Science in Forensic Toxicology with a minor in Statistics at the University of Florida. Dr. Grundmann currently serves as the Director of online graduate education programs in Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Clinical Toxicology at the University of Florida. In his own words, Dr. Grundmann shares his thoughts on what the ACCP membership has meant to him: "Certainly there were times when I was asking myself if I needed yet another professional membership, there are so many to choose from and one may think they offer similar benefits. But yet ACCP membership has provided me with more than just the obvious benefits of the Annual Meeting registration discount, The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology subscription, the email notifications (which are very applicable to clinical practice) and various other discounts. It is the Members that I have connected with, the collaborations that have grown into friendships over the years, the colleagues I can turn to when I need constructive criticism. And it is not a sworn club that is closed to newbies, quite the opposite, just as I have been welcomed a decade ago so does the ACCP tradition continue today. So come on over and say hi!"

How long have you been a Member of ACCP? 
I joined ACCP in 2006 as a Student Member and became a Member in 2012.

Please tell us about your career since joining ACCP and how has membership and/or participation in the ACCP Annual Meeting, committees, etc. impacted achieving your career goals?
The ever-changing landscape of clinical practice can be challenging to navigate and ACCP has been a tremendous resource and help throughout my decade-long membership. After graduating with my PhD and throughout my postdoctoral work, the network connections I have made through ACCP have provided long-lasting collaborations, friendships and spaces for discussion. This motivated me to engage with the ACCP STYP Committee to become more active with the Member community. I look forward to the ACCP Annual Meeting this year since I had to miss last year’s meeting.

What advice would you give to current ACCP Student Members regarding the importance of ACCP membership?
Don’t be shy, step out of your shell, engage with others. I’m reminded of myself and the words of the great Gloria Gaynor: “At first I was afraid, I was petrified. […]” Well, we all know the rest to these iconic lyrics and how they end. Eventually we have to step out of the shadows of our mentors and have to learn to spread our wings and fly. The ACCP Annual Meeting and especially the STYP activities are an excellent forum for doing that. Once you have made new contacts stay connected with them, maybe form your own ACCP chapter and continue your engagement and activities.