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Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development

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Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development (CPDD), a journal of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology®, is indexed in the PubMed/MEDLINE® database, a global resource for journal citations and biomedical literature. Since the introduction of CPDD in 2012, Editor-in-Chief David J. Greenblatt, MD has developed an international Editorial Board consisting of basic and clinical scientists who are well-established in the field of clinical pharmacology and represent academic, regulatory and industry sectors. The Board works closely with the Editor-in-Chief to provide strategic oversight and guidance, as well as to assist with operational requirements.      

The CPDD is an international, peer-reviewed journal focused on publishing high-quality clinical pharmacology studies in drug development which are primarily (but not exclusively) performed in healthy subjects during the early phases of drug development, or after marketing approval. Acceptance of a manuscript in CPDD will be determined by scientific rigor and technical soundness rather than perceived importance of the presented results. Thus, negative study results are explicitly not an obstacle for positive acceptance decisions. In addition to publication of original research articles, CPDD encourages submission (with or without invitation) of Editorials, Commentaries and Reviews. 

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To authors of papers submitted to Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development:

The Editor and Editorial Board of CPDD, and the leadership of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology®, are pleased with the growth of the Journal, and equally pleased that we are having the opportunity to serve the community of clinical pharmacologists. To recover a portion of the publication costs, we will be instituting a publication page charge for manuscripts that are submitted on or after October 1, 2013 and accepted for publication. The cost will be US $200.00 per printed page. Authors of accepted papers will receive a page charge form along with the initial proofs. The proofs represent the final number of printed pages so the cost will be evident. The process of editorial review of papers submitted to CPDD will continue as it is now and will not be influenced by the page charges. We appreciate the opportunity to continue providing a forum for publication of excellent clinical research and we look forward to receiving and evaluating your manuscripts.

David J. Greenblatt, MD, Editor-in-Chief, Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development, The American College of Clinical Pharmacology® & Wiley-Blackwell, Inc.


Published by Wiley on behalf of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology®

Editor: David J. Greenblatt, MD, Tufts Univ