Workshops & Symposia Call for Proposals

 2018 Annual Meeting 
American College of Clinical Pharmacology
Sept 23 - 25, 2018   Bethesda N Marriott Hotel & Conf Ctr, Bethesda, MD
Program Co-chairs: Dionna Green, MD and Amalia Issa, PhD, MPH


The 2018 Annual Meeting of the 
American College of Clinical Pharmacology"Discovery & Innovation in Clinical Pharmacology: Application to Patient Care" will provide a forum for discussion on important clinical pharmacology topics ranging from research and drug discovery to patient care.
Submit a proposal through ACCP's online Submission System on one of the following topics. Deadline for submission is August 28, 2017!

Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism & Elimination
Applications of Modeling & Simulation
Big Data
Clinical Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics 
Clinical Pharmacology Education
Clinical Trials & Human Pharmacology
Decision Making in Research & Development 
Disease Management
Drug-induced Adverse Outcomes
Drug Interactions
Effectiveness & Impact on Quality of Life  
Emerging Technologies
Experimental Pharmacology in In Vitro/In Vivo Studies
Infectious Diseases (Antibiotics/Vaccines)
Mechanism of Action
Model-based Drug Development


New & Adaptive Clinical Trial Designs
Novel Use of Therapeutics/Drug Repurposing
Opioid & Other Substance Misuse Management
Orphan Drugs
Precision Medicine
Regulatory Issues
Risk Management/Legal Issues
Safety & Efficacy 
Special Populations
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring 
Translational Medicine (Biomarkers/Imaging)


Please note the following:

  • ACCP is accredited by the ACCME and the ACPE. In order to comply with ACCME and ACPE regulations, industry employees are not permitted to serve as course chairs for any courses applicable to patient care that offer CME or CPE credit.
  • There should be no more than two Course Chairs for the event and they may not be from the same institution. Course Chairs should participate as speakers in the event.
  • Courses must be based on identified gaps/needs in professional practice (for example, the course is based on new regulations/standards or guidelines, national health data or reports or issues/concerns described in the professional literature).
  • Faculty should be chosen to ensure that the course is fair and balanced and represents the various professional areas with an interest in the topic. 
  • The proposed activity should promote improvements in healthcare and not proprietary interests of a commercial interest.
  • Per ACCP's Annual Meeting Proposal Guidelines and Budget Requirements, only Non-members are reimbursed for travel expenses. Course chairs should keep the budget in mind when identifying Faculty participants.
All Proposals will be reviewed and scored by the ACCP 2018 Annual Program Committee. Authors whose proposals are selected will be asked to provide additional information, such as disclosure information, expected course outcomes, etc. at a later date.  Please contact with questions.