ACCP Annual Meeting Proposal Guidelines & Budget Requirements

The American College of Clinical Pharmacology
® invites Pre-meeting Workshop & Symposia Proposals for the ACCP Annual Meeting on an annual basis.

Course Proposals
The Annual Meeting provides both Pre-meeting Workshop courses and Symposium courses. Workshop Proposals can be submitted as either a half- (3.5 hours) or full-day. Proposals for Symposia are defined as short courses (90 minutes) or half-day (3 hours). 

Proposals must be designed to address a gap in professional knowledge, skills or performance which a healthcare team would utilize to improve patient outcomes or the healthcare profession. (For example, the Proposal is based on new regulations/standards or guidelines, national health data or reports or issues/concerns described in the professional literature). Proposals must present valid content that adhere to generally-accepted standards of experimental design and contribute to healthcare improvements for patients and/or their communities. As a provider of Interprofessional Continuing Education (IPCE), Proposals submitted to ACCP must integrate two or more professions in the planning process which represent the intended target audience.
For each Proposal submitted, the submitter and at least one (1) Session Co-chair must be a current Member of ACCP at the time of submission and at the time of the ACCP Annual Meeting in which the event will be held.

Proposals must include all of the information as noted in the Proposal Submission System. Proposals will be reviewed for merit by the Annual Meeting Program Committee. Proposals that are incomplete will not be reviewed and Proposals that do not meet these guidelines will not be accepted.  

Course Chair Responsibilities
Once a Proposal is accepted, the Course Chair is responsible for final confirmation of the Faculty roster, communicating course goals and expectations to Faculty and working with ACCP Staff to ensure that the course meets all ACCP Faculty requirements.

Basic audiovisual support will be provided (LCD projector/screen, podium with microphone, laser pointer and laptop and a head table with chairs). Additional audiovisual support may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Course Chair(s) & Faculty Selection
Course Chair(s) and Faculty should be chosen to ensure that the course is fair and balanced and represents the various stakeholders (academic, regulatory, industry, clinical, patients, etc.) with an interest in the topic.

  • Course Chair(s) are limited to two (2) and may not be from the same facility, organization, company or other entity.
  • Course Chair(s) must participate as Faculty in the course and may not be Chair(s) only.
  • Faculty should be selected to represent a balance of ACCP Member and Non-members.
  • Panel Discussions must be comprised of only Faculty from the given Course.
  • For budgetary reasons, a maximum of one (1) international Non-member or two (2) US-based Non-members are allowed per course (any combination of Chair[s] and Faculty).
  • For 90-minute courses, select no more than four (4) Faculty, including Course Chair(s). For 3 – 3.5-hour courses, select no more than four – six (4 - 6) Faculty, including Course Chair(s).
  • Faculty should not be invited to participate until the Proposal is approved.

Course Budget Planning
ACCP provides a course budget based upon the length of the course. Budgets are set at $1,200 per 90-minute course and $2,000 per 3 – 3.5-hour course.

  • Course budgets are used to pay for travel reimbursement for Non-member Faculty only. ACCP Member Faculty are expected to provide for their own travel expenses and are not eligible for travel reimbursement.   
  • Course Chair(s) are responsible for determining how the budget will be dispersed among Non-member Faculty and communicating these allocations to the Faculty and to ACCP Staff for the record. Faculty must submit their reimbursement requests in accordance with ACCP guidelines and will not be reimbursed for amounts that exceed the level allocated to them.  
  • Non-member Faculty are provided with complimentary meeting registration on the day(s) they are scheduled to speak.
  • Participation on any other day(s) of the Annual Meeting as a Non-faculty Attendee requires registration and is not reimbursable.
  • ACCP Member Faculty are not eligible for hotel or travel reimbursement for Pre-meeting Workshops or Symposia in which they speak, nor are they provided with complimentary meeting registration on the day(s) they participate in Symposia. There is no fee for ACCP Members to attend a Pre-meeting Workshop in which they are Faculty. 
  • ACCP does not offer honoraria for Faculty.

Submitting an Expense Reimbursement Request

  • ACCP Travel Expense Forms and all receipts must be provided to ACCP within thirty (30) days of the course. 
  • Faculty must submit their reimbursement requests in accordance with ACCP guidelines and will not be reimbursed for amounts that exceed the level allocated to them. Reimbursement includes:
    • mileage/tolls/taxi/ride sharing/public transportation from home to departure airport or train station;
    • round-trip coach air or rail fees made at least thirty (30) days in advance of travel; round-trip private automobile mileage and tolls directly from the Faculty’s residence to the meeting location, not to exceed the above defined coach airfare rate;
    • reasonable taxi/ride sharing/public transportation to and from the destination airport or train station and the meeting hotel (rental cars and limousines are not covered for reimbursement);
    • one night of stay and parking at the meeting hotel per day of speaking;
    • travel meals and one (1) evening meal per day of speaking, including a limit of one alcoholic beverage.
  • Participation on any other day(s) of the Annual Meeting as a Non-faculty Attendee requires registration and is not reimbursable.
  • Receipts are required for all expenses, including mileage with accompanying Google Maps and toll documentation.
  • Unless requested by ACCP and approved in writing, changes to travel arrangements that incur an additional fee are not reimbursable by ACCP.  
  • ACCP does not offer reimbursement for Internet access purchased in guest rooms, phone calls, movies, tours or any expenses incurred by a spouse/family member.
  • Travel expense reimbursements are made by check following the meeting and after submission of a valid travel reimbursement request. If the recipient requires a check to be issued in the name of his/her company or institution, this information must be clearly specified in the name and address portion of the ACCP Travel Expense Form. If the incorrect payee and address are provided in the Travel Expense Forms, resulting in a replacement payment being issued, the recipient agrees ACCP will deduct the initial check’s cancellation fee from the reimbursement.
  • All reimbursement checks must be cashed within sixty (60) days of issue and no later than December 25th of the given year. 
  • If a recipient requires a wire transfer reimbursement, they must provide the wire transfer information in writing to ACCP, including written permission for ACCP to deduct the $45 USD wire transfer fee from the reimbursement.   

Please use the following estimates per Non-member participant for developing a course budget:

  • Hotel: One night stay per day of speaking at the meeting-designated hotel.
  • Coach airfare/train: $500 (for US-based Faculty)/$1,500 (for international Faculty) purchased at least 30 days in advance; travel by car (mileage) will be reimbursed for round trip mileage and local parking if it is less than coach airfare (<$500).
  • Ground transport to and from airport to meeting hotel only, travel meals and expenses for the Faculty only: not to exceed $200 (meals during the Annual Meeting are provided with registration and will not be reimbursed).

Please note: reimbursement is based on actual costs and cannot exceed the amount that has been allocated.  

“As an accredited provider of ACCME, ACPE and ANCC Continuing Education, all commercial support sponsorships must be given with the full knowledge of ACCP and no other payments may be given to the director of the educational program, planning committee members, teachers or authors, joint sponsors or any others involved in the Activity.” More information here.