Instructions for Abstracts

When preparing your abstract for submission at the ACCP Annual Meeting, we kindly ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • SUBMISSION LIMIT: There are no restrictions on the number of submissions you may submit or on the number of submissions you may present.
  • TITLES: Do not use all upper or all lower case. It is mandatory to use Initial Caps.
  • AUTHOR LIMIT: You may include up to 10 authors in your submission. Additional authors may be mentioned within the body of your abstract and/or during your poster presentation.
  • Ensure that the street address, zip code, degrees and grant support are NOT listed within the abstract.
  • FIRST AUTHOR VERSUS PRESENTING AUTHOR: Please be sure to clearly indicate first and presenting author, which in many cases may be the same individual.
  • STUDENTS: All students MUST include/upload student verification such as Student ID or a verification letter from a Professor/Mentor. For your privacy, DO NOT include an offer letter as student verification.
  • CHARACTER LIMIT: The title of the abstract is limited to 75 words and the body of the abstract is limited to 500 words (including characters, numbers etc.). Spaces and Tables are not counted and applied to word limitations. Your accumulative character and word count are displayed at the very bottom of the page. Note: Software do not all calculate words and characters exactly the same way. If you are copying and pasting from a document you might encounter a slight deviation in count.
  • Use only standard abbreviations.
  • All compounds that are designated by code must be identified adequately.
  • Capitalize the first letter of trade names.
  • Nonproprietary (generic) names are required the first time a drug is mentioned, written in lower case letters.
  • When using abbreviations for compounds, spell out in full the first mention, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses. Do not abbreviate compounds within the title of the abstract.
  • TABLES & IMAGES: You may add up to one table and one image to your submission. Tables and images MUST be submitted in black & white - NO COLOR please!
  • COMPLETING YOUR SUBMISSION: If you have not completed all required sections and details, you will not be able to submit. When all required information is entered, the "Save Submit" button will appear at the bottom and top right of the page.
  • PREVIEW AND EDITING YOUR SUBMISSION: You may preview your submission on the first page after you log in, and can make edits all the way to the submission deadline of April 15, 2020.
  • ACCP holds no responsibility for any misspellings, poor hyphenations or grammatical errors.
  • NOTIFICATIONS: Accept/Reject notifications will be emailed in mid-May to the corresponding author. If you do not receive your notification by mid-May, please contact
  • SUBMISSION OR MEETING QUESTIONS: If you have questions regarding the submission criteria or questions about the meeting, please contact

Notices Regarding Decision by Program Committee:

Corresponding authors will be notified by email in mid-May regarding the status of their abstracts for the ACCP Annual Meeting. If you have not received a decision email by mid-May, please contact the ACCP Executive Office at 571-291-3493 ext 3 or by email at