ACCP Board of Regents

Members of the Board of Regents are elected by ACCP’s voting membership and serve for a period of five years. The primary responsibility of the Board is to set policy and annual or longer-term goals and objectives for the organization. Additional responsibilities include those ordinarily performed by a governing board.


Term Ends

  Matthew B. Dufek, PhD, FCP
AbbVie Inc


  Navin S. Goyal, PhD, FCP
Janssen Research & Development


Jean-Michel Gries, PharmD, PhD, MBA, FCP

  Neeraj Gupta, PhD, FCP

Craig W. Hendrix, MD, FCP
Johns Hopkins Univ


Myong-Jin Kim, PharmD, FCP
Silver Spring, MD

Catherijne Knibbe, PharmD, PhD, FCP
Leiden Univ


Diane R. Mould, PhD, FCP
Projections Research Inc


Arun Ram, MD, FCP
Eastern Virginia Medical School


  Mark C. Rogge, PhD, FCP
Univ of Florida Ctr for Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology
  Vijay Upreti, PhD, FCP
Amgen Inc

Peter Wiernik, MD, FCP
Cancer Research Fdtn



ACCP Past Board of Regents

Board Meeting Dates   


  • September 7, 2024



  • February 2, 2025
  • May 4, 2025
  • September 13, 2025

How the Board of Regents Nomination Process Works

  • Members of ACCP are welcome and encouraged to nominate a current ACCP Fellow.
  • Once the Call for Nominations is closed, the Nominating Committee will meet to diligently & methodically review and discuss all of the nominees and ultimately select the slate of candidates that will run for Regent. Considerations included in the process are:
    • Each nominee is thoroughly assessed for their engagement within ACCP. This is important for the Board to be comprised of active & devoted Fellows of the society.
    • An assessment of the current Board is performed to ascertain requirements to balance the Board based on degree(s) (PharmD, PhD, MD), professional affiliation (academia, clinical, consulting, industry, regulatory, etc.) and specialties (as noted on ACCP profiles) and consideration is given to Inclusivity, Diversity & Equity. This ensures that the Board appropriately represents the breadth of the membership of the society.
    • The Nominating Committee considers all the factors noted above in selecting the final candidates.
    • Typically two candidates are selected for each available position on the Board.

ACCP values its Members and while we appreciate all nominations, unfortunately not everyone who is nominated can be selected for candidacy due to the number of available positions. Questions about the process may be addressed to [email protected]