ACCP/CFAS/AAMC Collaboration

The American College of Clinical Pharmacology®
 (ACCP) and the Council of Faculty and Academic Societies (CFAS) of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) have had a long-standing and productive affiliation.  The AAMC is the principle organization leading and supporting medical education at all levels in the United States and Canada.  The AAMC has a tripartite leadership structure.  Its Administrative Board (Ad Board) is comprised of representatives from the Council of Deans, the Council of Teaching Hospitals, and the Council of Faculty and Academic Societies.  As a member society of CFAS, ACCP is represented to the AAMC leadership through the CFAS representatives to the Ad Board.

ACCP appoints two representatives to CFAS.  ACCP representatives to CFAS are eligible to serve on and lead CFAS committees, represent CFAS on the Ad Board, and vote on CFAS policies, procedures, and programs.  They are expected to bring back to ACCP information from the AAMC about national policies, procedures, and trends.  Through CFAS, ACCP has the opportunity to influence national policy issues, for example by signing on to AAMC letters of support for a variety of public policy issues affecting medical education and research.  ACCP can also submit proposals to CFAS and AAMC for posters and presentations at the CFAS and AAMC annual meetings and make proposals to CFAS for policy positions that ACCP advocates for.  The ACCP’s relationship with CFAS and the AAMC is truly a two-way street, with the organizations sharing information about a broad range of topics and trends affecting medical education and research.

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