ACCP's Philosophy

From the time of its founding in 1969, ACCP has created an inclusive and welcoming environment that embraces all who are interested in the field of clinical pharmacology. ACCP Members
and Annual Meeting attendees represent a full spectrum of clinical pharmacology professionals from the global healthcare community. MDs, PharmDs, PhDs, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants and Students & Trainees from academia, industry, government, consulting and clinical settings bring a wealth of knowledge and influence to the society. By spanning the scope from research and drug development to patient-related care, ACCP works to provide high-quality education and exceptional Member Benefits to those dedicated to advancing clinical pharmacology with the ultimate goal of enhancing patient care.

ACCP is truly a Member-focused/Member-driven organization. Its Officers are elected by the ACCP membership and diligently serve the membership in meeting organizational goals. Faithful to ACCP’s vision and mission, the Officers respectfully guide the organization to advance the science of clinical pharmacology in a manner consistent with the highest ethical and scientific standards. Members of the Board of Regents are elected by ACCP’s voting membership and serve for a period of five years. The primary responsibility of the Board is to set policy and annual or longer-term goals and objectives for the organization. Additional responsibilities include those ordinarily performed by a governing board.

By being the only clinical pharmacology-focused society that is both ACCME & ACPE accredited, ACCP’s educational events meet rigorous standards that ensure the value of the scientific content in its educational programs. A large number of Non-members also find value in ACCP’s educational events and choose to attend the ACCP Annual Meeting or Live and On Demand webinars, which is a testimonial to the quality of the education that ACCP provides.

Many people wonder how to get involved in ACCP and what that involvement means to their professional growth?

Getting involved is easy! Involvement allows you to:

  • Confidently achieve a high level of professional performance by staying on the cutting edge of clinical pharmacology developments;
  • Build professional relationships that last a lifetime;
  • Be part of a vibrant community of professionals with similar goals and objectives;
  • Shape the future of clinical pharmacology.

As a Member of ACCP, your active engagement and participation in the society is welcomed and you can strengthen your professional accomplishments in a number of ways:

  • Network with leaders in the clinical pharmacology community;
  • Enhance your leadership skills by volunteering for one of ACCP's many committees. ACCP welcomes the active participation of any Member in the society;
  • Share the benefit of your experience and give back to the community by Mentoring Students, Trainees & Early-stage Professionals;
  • Develop educational activities that make a difference by submitting Proposals for ACCP educational events and getting involved in the clinical pharmacology community. Faculty Speakers who participate in these events have overwhelmingly indicated that they would welcome the chance to speak at another ACCP educational event; 
  • Supplement your NONMEM knowledge with the Pharmacometrics web-based learning resource brought to ACCP by the University of Maryland Center for Translational Medicine, including a beginner's guide to pharmacometric theory, modeling and application;
  • Complete your CME or CPE requirements using the many Live, On Demand and text-based educational options provided in the ACCP Learning Management System;
  • In addition to the ways to more actively engage and visibly elevate your professional performance, ACCP also offers Members discounted registrations, the ACCP365 Mobile App for 24/7/365 access to all things ACCP anytime/anyplace, access to ACCP’s journals, the ACCP Job Center and updates from the global clinical pharmacology community.

Join ACCP and find out for yourself why so many clinical pharmacology professionals choose ACCP for their “home society”!