The Strategic Plan of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology®:
2021 - 2025



To improve global health by advancing the frontiers of clinical pharmacology.



To be the premier educational and scientific network of clinical pharmacology professionals in all stages of career development and practice areas.

The American College of Clinical Pharmacology® (ACCP) aims to advance the science of clinical pharmacology in all its phases and to engage in educational efforts in the interest of Members, the clinical pharmacology community, and the public. This aspiration is to be attained in a manner consistent with the highest ethical and scientific standards.




ACCP will expand high-quality, diverse and accessible educational offerings to meet the needs of its Members and the global clinical pharmacology community at all stages of professional development. A wide variety of types of educational content will be provided and programs will evolve and be tailored to meet specific needs and interests.


ACCP will ensure its sustained growth and development and that of its Members. New initiatives will seek to address the economic and practical challenges associated with expanding membership and providing Members with the scientific, educational, professional and leadership opportunities that are inclusive and equitable to all Members to advance their careers regardless of stage.


ACCP will expand its outreach to domestic and global educational, scientific and clinical communities and organizations. ACCP will also develop programs to further attract and retain Students & Trainees, as well as Early-stage Professionals. ACCP seeks to increase the scope and diversity of its partnerships through careful strategic consideration and to create awareness within both the clinical pharmacology community and the general public by responding to areas of public interest.

Science & Clinical Practice

ACCP will promote scientific excellence and innovation across the disciplines of clinical pharmacology. ACCP will foster innovations in research and collaborations with organizations and strengthen its core capabilities through disseminating scientific information using publications, educational tools and public statements.

ACCP will develop creative and realistic strategies to further increase its visibility and influence in public policy and engagement with global regulatory agencies. Of critical importance is influencing the presence of clinical pharmacology in academia to educate healthcare professionals and research scientists for the benefit of all.


ACCP Strategic Planning Committee

Donald E. Mager, PharmD, PhD, FCP, Committee Chair
Lawrence J. Cohen, PharmD, FCP, Co-Chair
Vikram Arya, PhD, FCP
Richard Brundage, PharmD, PhD, FCP
Oliver Grundmann, PhD, FCP
Joanna Masters, PharmD
Natella Rakhmanina, MD, PhD, FCP
John van den Anker, MD, PhD, FCP
Chad VanDenBerg, PharmD