Student Hightlight Interviews

Daniel Gonzalez, PharmD

How long have you been a Member of ACCP? I joined ACCP in July 2008.

Please describe your studies/research? I am currently a fourth year Ph.D. student working under the direction of Professor Hartmut Derendorf at The University of Florida. My major research project focuses on the use of microdialysis for the evaluation of topical bioequivalence in healthy subjects.

Why did you choose the field of clinical pharmacology? Towards the end of my first professional year at the University of Florida, College of Pharmacy, I realized that a career in research/academia was a branch of the pharmacy profession that I was interested in. I have a sincere passion for pharmacokinetics and associated disciplines. I have always loved mathematics, and pharmacokinetics is a field which requires the knowledge of multiple disciplines, namely mathematics, statistics, biology, and pharmaceutics. Therefore, this discipline allows me to have the best of both worlds - clinical pharmacology with the mathematical component.

Who was most influential to you in selecting your career path? Dr. Hartmut Derendorf, my major advisor, has been a key source of guidance throughout my graduate studies. With his help I realized how rewarding it is to mentor students and collaborate with other scientists. Drs. Julie Johnson and Reginald Frye have also been sources of continued support; without them I may not have pursued a graduate degree following completion of pharmacy school.

What advice would you give to another Student considering membership in ACCP? Get involved! ACCP is a wonderful organization with a great support staff. There are many ways which you can help make a difference in shaping the organization's future.

What qualities have you worked on during your graduate studies to become a successful scientist? I have tried to find a balance between the research projects I am working on, scholarly activities, and mentoring students whom have worked with me. I have also dedicated a significant amount of time to becoming proficient at using the various software packages which are critical in modeling of pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic data.

How has involvement in ACCP helped shape you career and what benefits have you enjoyed as a result of being an ACCP member (Mentoring, Committees, posters at Annual Meetings, etc.? Through serving on the Student Outreach and Education Committees I have been exposed to the day-to-day responsibilities important to heading a national organization. These leadership roles have allowed me to network with other scientists from all over the world. Also, in 2009 I received a Student Abstract Award, an honor which I will never forget.

How would you recommend that Students get involved in the various initiatives of the college? I would suggest getting involved in the Student Outreach Committee first. If you enjoy it, then the college would certainly appreciate your time and involvement in other committees. I would also encourage everyone to attend ACCP Annual Meetings; there are a ton of great activities planned for students.

Please tell us about your experience as a Student at the ACCP annual meeting or on an ACCP Committee? At the Annual Meeting in San Antonio, I attended the Student Networking Breakfast and met a lot of great people with whom I still keep in touch with today.

What networking opportunities are available for Students attending the ACCP Annual Meeting? One thing you quickly realize from attending an ACCP Annual Meeting is how friendly everyone is. It is a very close knit organization and everyone cares deeply about its future. While attending an Annual Meeting, you will have the opportunity to meet both junior and senior scientists from all over the world.

What are some of the long term benefits of getting involved in ACCP as a Student? There are many benefits which ACCP has to offer Students; namely, educational, leadership and networking opportunities. All of which are critical to Students as they shape their career path.

What do you do when not working (i.e. other activities like sports, art, music etc.)? I enjoy spending time with my wife, Kady, and our many pets. I also enjoy traveling, leisure reading, and watching "The Big Bang Theory."