Educational Articles & Resources

Integrating Pharmacometrics in Your Career:
Model-Based Drug Development Survey Finds Pharmacometrics Impacting Decision Making in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmacometrics: A Multidisciplinary Field to Facilitate Critical Thinking in Drug Development and Translational Research Setting

Designing a Study:
How to Choose a Good Scientific Problem

Ethical and Regulatory Aspects of Clinical Research

Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research

4-Part Series on Statistics for Clinical Trials:

1) Making Sense of Statistics in Clinical Trial Reports 
2) Statistical Controversies in Reporting of Clinical Trials 
3) Design of Major Randomized Trials 
4) Challenging Issues in Clinical Trial Design 

Getting Started in Publishing:

Poster Presentation Skills

Anatomy of a Research Paper

Submitting Manuscripts to Biomedical Journals: Common Errors and Helpful Solutions

The Top 10 Reasons Why Manuscripts Are Not Accepted for Publication  

Useful Guidelines for Writing Manuscripts   

Other Resources:

2016 - 2017 Principles of Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology Course - This free live webinar series requires registration. It mirrors lectures offered by the National Institute of Health Clinical Center and addresses clinical pharmacology fundamentals from a pediatric perspective. The weekly live webinars cover a variety of critical topics. All webinars are saved for future viewing and this is an excellent resource for covering fundamental concepts.  

Principles of Clinical Pharmacology 

Metrum’s Open Pharmacometrics Curriculum 

Resources for Trainees & Young Investigators – Provided by the National Institute of Health, this is an extensive list of resources and is particularly helpful for people on an academic track and seeking career development opportunities.

Writing a Successful Application for NIH Intramural Research Training Programs

Clinical Pharmacology Education: Pearls to Practice” Core Entrustable Professional Activities in Clinical Pharmacology - A series of articles on the fundamentals of clinical pharmacology developed by the American College of Clinical Pharmacology in response to the AAMC Core Entrustables Program. Articles. Articles include: 

Clinical Pharmacology Guidances from the US Food & Drug AdminstrationThe FDA Guidance’s for industry are critical documents to understand the fundamental s of standard practices in clinical pharmacology.