Instructions for Abstracts


  • Applicability to clinical pharmacology and translational medicine
  • Innovation and scientific merit
  • Relevance to ACCP’s mission

ACCP accepts encore poster presentations; however, encores must be documented as such when the abstract is submitted.   


  • A statement of purpose, innovation or hypothesis
  • Description of methods and materials
  • Data and results
  • Interpretation, conclusion and significance

Instructions for Abstracts & Posters
For your convenience, ACCP has contracted with a third-party provider specializing in printing and shipping scientific postersIt is not mandatory, but if you choose to use our provider, you will receive the following at a discount:

  • Proof of your poster for your review and final approval
  • Printing of your poster (priced depending on size; ACCP poster size limit is 42”H x 66”W)
  • Shipping of your poster directly to the Annual Meeting ($5 flat rate)

Take advantage of the poster printing services provided by ACCP’s partner

Once you arrive at the meeting, you may pick up your poster at the ACCP Registration Desk together with your credentials and meeting materials. 

When preparing your poster for presentation at the ACCP Annual Meeting, we kindly ask that you adhere to the following guidelines: 

  • All material should be legible from distances of at least 3 feet.
  • Presenter's name must be underlined throughout the entire document.
  • For all authors, initial or first name must precede last name.
  • Institutional affiliation and city are required.
  • Ensure that the street address, zip code, degrees and grant support are NOT listed within the abstract.
  • Use only standard abbreviations.
  • All compounds that are designated by code must be identified adequately.
  • Do not indent the title.
  • Capitalize the first letter of trade names.
  • Nonproprietary (generic) names are required the first time a drug is mentioned, written in lower case letters.
  • Abstract is limited to approximately 350 words (2,780 characters, including spaces) which includes titles. One table is permitted; it will not be counted or applied to word limitations. 
  • When using abbreviations for compounds, spell out in full the first mention, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses. Do not abbreviate compounds within the title of the abstract.
  • Special characters are permitted.
  • Important Size Limitations: No larger than the usable size of the poster board which is 45 inches tall and 67 inches wide. All posters will be mounted horizontally.