2017 Syllabus Materials - Updated with Final Materials After 2017 ACCP Annual Meeting

Plenary: Predicting Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics in the Individual Patient: Separating Reality from Hype

Symposium 1: Innovative Scientific & Risk-based Quantitative Approaches to Post-marketing Surveillance of New & Generic Drug Products

Symposium 2: Optimizing Dose/Dosing Frequency for a Biologic: Clinical, Regulatory & Commercial Perspectives

Symposium 3: Master Protocols in Drug Development

Symposium 4: Next Wave in Cancer Medicine:  Mechanisms & Progress for Emerging Therapeutics

Symposium 5: Clinical Trial Simulations in Pediatric Drug Development

Symposium 6: Therapeutic Options for Obesity Treatment in Children, Adolescents & Young Adults

Symposium 7: Modeling of Adherence: Applications in Drug Development & Clinical Practice

Symposium 8: Kinase Inhibitors in Pediatric Patients: Experiences, Pharmacology & Future Applications

Symposium 9: What to Do After a Pivotal Trial Has Failed Primary Endpoint Assessment - Totality of Evidence-based Drug Development Challenges & Opportunities

Symposium 10: Challenges & Opportunities in the Development of Inhaled Medicines

Symposium 11: Pioneering NAFLD/NASH Early-phase Clinical Pharmacology Study Designs 

Symposium 12: Assessment of Drug Effect on Pediatric Bone Health

Symposium 13: 21st Century HIV/AIDS: An Evolving Drug Development & Technology Paradigm

Symposium 14: Full Extrapolation of Efficacy from Adults to Children of Antiepileptic Drugs Indicated for the Treatment of Partial Onset Seizures

Symposium 15: Biosimilars:  An Evolving Science

Symposium 16: Opioid Abuse & Misuse: A Rising Epidemic in America