2017 ACCP Annual Meeting

The 2017 Annual Meeting of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology® was a huge success! Attendee feedback indicated a high degree of satisfaction with both the scientific content and the organization of the meeting. A global audience heard presentations from an international Faculty of over 107 speakers who participated in four Pre-meeting Workshops, a Plenary Session and 16 Symposia on a series of topics ranging from research and drug development to patient care. Reviews of the scientific content were excellent and the audience actively engaged in Question & Answer Sessions and Panel Discussions. 

A most heartfelt thanks goes out to the Course Chairs and Faculty, as well as the 2017 Program Committee, for planning an outstanding meeting. Additionally, the ACCP CE Compliance Subcommittee is to be thanked for working diligently to review and provide feedback to ensure presentations of the highest quality.

We would like to acknowledge 2017 award recipients:

ACCP Recognition Awards

  • Distinguished Investigator Award – Nick Holford, MBChB, FRACP, FAAPS, FISoP 
  • Honorary Fellowship Award – Angela DM Kashuba, BScPhm, PharmD, DABCP 
  • Nathaniel T. Kwit Memorial Distinguished Service Award – Susan K. McCune, MD 
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb Mentorship in Clinical Pharmacology Award – Bernd Meibohm, PhD, FCP, FAAPS 
  • McKeen Cattell Award – Huanian Zhang, BS 

Student Abstract Awards

  • Kristina M. Brooks, National Inst of Health
  • Michael F. Hwang, Univ of North Carolina
  • Satyawan B. Jadhav, Univ of Florida
  • Vipada Khaowroongrueng, Univ of Florida
  • Harisudhan Thanukrishnan, Univ of Pittsburgh
  • Hechuan Wang, Univ of Maryland
  • Elaine F. Williams, Children's National Health System
  • Jincheng Yang, Univ of California

Wayne A. Colburn Memorial Award - Vipada Khaowroongrueng, MS

New Member Abstract Award - Rajendar K. Mittapalli, PhD

We wish to express our gratitude to our generous Supporters, Sponsors and Exhibitors. ACCP continues to be an organization focused on meeting the needs of its Members and Annual Meeting attendees. With a vision of the value that clinical pharmacology will bring to the future of drug development and healthcare, ACCP strives to provide healthcare professionals and scientists a forum for exchange of knowledge, from research to clinical settings. 

Bernd Meibohm BMS Mentorship Award    Nick Holford Distinguished Investigator    Susan McCune Nathaniel T Kwit memorial Distinguished Service Award   
 Dr. Bernd Meibohm receives the
Bristol-Myers Squibb Mentorship
in Clinical Pharmacology
    Dr. Nick Holford receives the
Distinguished Investigator Award  
   Dr. Susan McCune receives the
Nathaniel T. Kwit Memorial
Distinguished Service Award
 Angela Kashuba Honorary Fellowship        Catherine Sherwin Top Member-Get-a-Member  
 Dr. Angela Kashubareceives the
Honorary Fellowship Award
   Dr. Huanian Zhang receives the 
McKeen Cattell Memorial Award
   Dr. Catherine Sherwin receives the
Top Member-Get-a-Member Award

 2018 Student Abstract Award Winners    Rajendar Mittapalli New Abstract Award    Vipada Khaowroongrueng Wayne Colburn  
Student Abstract Award Winners   Dr. Rajendar Mittapalli receives the
New Member Abstract Award
   Dr. Khaowroongrueng receives the
Wayne Colburn Memorial